The City currently contracts landscape services with a service provider.

The agreement includes landscape maintenance services for these areas:

City Park Areas - Jane Addams Park, Rogers/Anderson Park, William Green Park, Hopper Park, Hogan Park, McKenzie Community Gardens, and the Rudolph Park;
Non-Park Areas - City Hall/Cable Services Office, Community Center, Community Center North, Sheriff's Service Center, railroad right-of-ways, and the City Yard;
Boulevard Medians and Parkways - Hawthorne Boulevard and Manhattan Beach Boulevard;
Building and Restroom Facilities.

The Parkway Design Guidelines are intended to provide residents with guidelines regarding the installation of landscape improvements within the part of the Public (street) Right-of-Way commonly referred to as a parkway. For the purpose of this document, the term "parkway" is defined as the area of the street between the back of curb and the sidewalk that is typically planted or landscaped. Similarly, for the purposes of this document, the term "landscape improvements" includes groundcovers, shrubs and other non-vegetative landscape materials but does not include street trees.

For additional information about landscape maintenance services within Lawndale contact: (310) 973-3260

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