Storm Water

The quality of stormwater (water that drains to the ocean, lakes, and rivers) draining from the City of Lawndale is regulated by the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit (NPDES). The City of Lawndale is a co-permittee under the NPDES program.

The storm drains running underneath the City streets carry away rainwater to prevent flooding in the streets. Unlike the water that enters the sewer system, which is filtered and treated before being released back to the environment in reclaimed form, stormwater goes directly to the ocean without being treated.

Pollutants the stormwater comes in contact with - including pesticides, automotive fluids, construction debris, and yard waste - are carried through the storm drain system and out to the ocean.

The community can take an active role in keeping our local beaches pollution free by

* keeping our City litter free

* washing vehicles at a designated car wash

* maintaining vehicles to prevent oil from dripping onto City streets

* picking up pet waste

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