Neighborhood Block Party

Block parties are a traditional way for neighbors to come together and socialize. They are beneficial in promoting good will, cooperation, awareness, and safety in the neighborhood, and therefore the City encourages residents to hold block parties. To assist you, we have developed an application process that will address the concerns and safety of neighbors, participants, and the City. Listed below are general guidelines:

  1. A Block Party packet, including all applications, is available at the Municipal Services Department 14616 Grevillea Ave. If you have questions or wish to hold a Block Party, contact the Municipal Services Department at (310) 973-3220.
  2. You may conduct your block party on private property or on your own street. To use a public street or alley, obtain a Street Closure Permit. To receive a permit, you must submit a petition signed by residents and business owners to ensure that all in the neighborhood are aware of the block party.
  3. Due to traffic impacts, major arterial and certain access streets may not be closed. The following streets cannot be closed: Artesia, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach Boulevards, Marine and Prairie Avenues, and Firmona Avenue, south of Manhattan Beach Blvd. Streets may be closed for a maximum of 8 hours and may not be closed before 8 a.m. or after 10 p.m.
  4. If security is recommended by City staff or by the Sheriff's Department, the block party host is responsible for the cost.
  5. A 14-foot unobstructed access pathway for emergency vehicles must be maintained for the duration of the party.
  6. Participants must observe all applicable state and local laws including those pertaining to the use and dispensing of alcohol.
  7. Use of fireworks of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  8. Sound amplifying equipment may not be used during the party unless you obtain a Special Use Permit from the Community Development Department. (This permit requires a separate application. Call (310) 973-3230 for information.)
  9. City approved barricades must be used to block off the street. The Public Works Department will place barricades and delineators. (You may be expected to defer some or all of these costs to obtain a permit.)
  10. Applications must be submitted 45 days prior to the planned event, and may be submitted up to three months in advance. Party dates (for those wishing to close the street) will not be reserved or approved, if all necessary application forms are not thoroughly completed.
  11. Los Angeles County Fire Department and Sheriff's Department personnel are available to stop by and meet neighbor residents.
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