City Parks & Recreation Facilities

Jane Addams Park
15114 Firmona Avenue 
Lawndale, CA 90260

Park Hours:
School Days: Mon, Wed, and Fri: 5:30 pm to Dusk; Tues and Thurs: 5 pm to Dusk

Non-School Days: 9 am to Dusk

City Observed Holidays: 9:00 am to Dusk.

Amenities: Baseball Fields (3), Athletic Field, Playground, Outdoor Basketball Courts, Wading Pool, Horseshoe Pits, Shaded & Non- Shaded Picnic Areas, Charcoal Barbeque Grills & Coal Dispenser, Parking Lot. 

Rogers/Anderson Park
4161 W. Manhattan Beach Boulevard
Lawndale, CA 90260

Park Hours: 
School Days: Mon, Tues, Weds and Fri: 3:30 pm to DuskThurs: 1:30 pm to DuskSaturday, Sunday: 9 am to Dusk

Non-School Days: 9 am to Dusk

City Observed Holidays: 9 am to Dusk

Amenities: Baseball Field, Playgrounds, Athletic Field, Open Grass Area, Parking Lot.

William Green Park 
4558 W. 168th Street 
Lawndale, CA 90260

Park Hours: 
School Days: Mon, Tues, Weds and Fri: 3:30 pm to Dusk; Thurs: 1:30 pm to Dusk; Saturday, Sunday: 9 am to Dusk

Non-School Days9 am to Dusk

City Observed Holidays9 am to Dusk

Amenities: Softball Field, Playgrounds, Outdoor Basketball Courts, Horseshoe Pits, Athletic Field Space, Parking Lot (2), Recreation Office, Community Room (unavailable for reservation until further notice). 

Hogan Park
4045 W. 167th Street
Lawndale, CA 90260

Park Hours: 
Monday through Sunday: 8 am to Dusk 

 City-observed Holidays: 8 am to Dusk 

 Amenities: Playgrounds, Fitness Zone, Covered Picnic Area, Open Grass Area, Barbeque Grill, Coal Dispenser, Water Bottle Filling Station. This is an unlighted facility that closes at dusk.


Hopper Park
4418 W. 162nd Street
Lawndale, CA 90260

Park Hours:
Monday through Sunday: 8 am to Dusk

City-observed Holidays: 8 am to Dusk

Amenities: Playground, Fitness Zone, Covered Picnic Areas, Open Grass Area and Sand Play Area.  No Group Sports unless organized by the City.


Larry R. Rudolph Park

14725 Larch Avenue
Lawndale, CA 90260

 Park Hours:
Monday through Sunday: 8 am to Dusk 

 City-observed Holidays: 8 am to Dusk 

 AmenitiesPlayground, Fitness Zone, Covered Picnic Areas, Open Grass Area and Sand Play Area. 
No Group Sports unless organized by the City. 

All Park Restrooms available during park hours

All Facility Supervision: Intermittent/Roving Basis 

Park Overview and Information:
Come and enjoy our open park space, athletic fields, outdoor basketball courts, playground equipment, meeting rooms, picnic facilities, and more!

Park and Playground Equipment Update:
The City is experiencing significant delays in the delivery of replacement parts for playgrounds due to supply chain issues and production bottlenecks. We thank you for your patience and understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for the children.  

Lawndale Leash Rule for Dogs on Parks:

Dogs are permitted at City parks during hours of operation, but must remain on a leash at all times.

Lawndale Municipal Code Pertaining to Parks:

 12.32.010 Definitions.

For the purposes of this chapter, the following terms, phrases, words and their derivations shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section

“Alcoholic beverage” means and includes alcohol, spirits, liquor, wine, beer and every liquid or solid containing one-half of one percent or more of alcohol by volume and which is fit for beverage purposes either alone or when diluted, mixed or combined with other substances.

 “Park” means and includes every park, golf course, play field, recreation area such as a gymnasium or community center, or recreation camp owned, managed or controlled by the city, county or a school district and located in the incorporated territory of the city, and which is under the jurisdiction of the city or which is owned by the city.

“Park waters” means any splash pad, pool, or similar body of water within a park. (Ord. 1086-13 § 2; Ord. 1066-11 § 4; prior code § 15-39)

 12.32.020 Applicability.

The rules and regulations set out in this chapter apply to all parks except as otherwise expressly stated. (Prior code § 15-40)

 12.32.030 Compliance with rules, regulations required.

No person shall enter, be or remain in any park unless such person complies with all of the regulations set forth in this chapter applicable to such park, and with all other applicable ordinances, rules and regulations as established by the city. (Prior code § 15-41)

 12.32.035 Hours of public use.

No person shall enter, be in or remain in any park after the hour of ten p.m. or before the hour of five a.m. except while lawfully participating in an event sponsored or authorized by the city. Violation of this section shall be punishable pursuant to Section 1.08.030. (Amended during 6/30/96 supplement; Ord. 646-90 § 2, 1990)

 12.32.040 Waiver of provisions.

Notwithstanding any provision of this chapter, the city manager may waive any provision hereof when in the city manager’s judgment the spirit and intent of this chapter is complied with and the activities permitted will not unreasonably interfere with the proper use of the recreational and park facilities by other members of the city. (Prior code § 15-42)

 12.32.050 Disturbing peace and quiet.

With the exception of those organized programs specifically authorized by the city, no person shall disturb the peace and quiet of any park by:

A.  Any loud, unnecessary or unusual noise;

B.   Tooting, blowing or sounding any automobile siren, horn, signal or noise-making device; or

C.   Any conduct or noise which disturbs or tends to disturb the peace or good order. (Ord. 1086-13 § 3; Ord. 578-88 § 2; prior code § 15-43)

 12.32.060 Injury, defacing or disturbing property generally.

No person, other than a duly authorized employee or agent of the city in the performance of his or her duties, shall:

A.  Cut, break, injure, deface or disturb any rock, building, cage, pen, monument, sign, fence, bench, structure, apparatus, equipment or property in a park, or any portion thereof;

B.   Mark or place on any park property, or on any portion thereof, any mark, writing or printing; or

C.   Attach to any park property any sign, card, display or other similar device without permission of the city. (Ord. 1086-13 § 4; prior code § 15-44)

 12.32.070 Harming or removing vegetation.

No person shall dig, remove, destroy, injure, mutilate or cut any tree, plant, shrub, bloom or flower, or any portion thereof, growing in any park. Planting of any flora shall be prohibited without specific permission and such planting shall be under the direction of the city. (Prior code § 15-45)

12.32.080 Garbage and rubbish.

No person shall throw, place or dispose of any garbage, refuse or can in any place in a park other than into a garbage can or other receptacle maintained therein for that purpose. No person shall throw, place or dispose of any wastepaper or combustible refuse in any place in a park other than into an incinerator or into some box, can, trench or receptacle maintained therein for that purpose. (Prior code § 15-46)

 12.32.090 Glass and sharp articles.

No person shall place, throw, leave, keep or maintain any bottle, glass, crockery, sharp or pointed article or thing in such a manner that any person or animal in a park may be cut, pricked or in any way injured thereby. (Prior code § 15-47)

 12.32.110 Fires.

No person shall light or maintain any fire unless such fire is lighted and maintained only in a stove, brazier or fire circle, or place provided for that purpose. (Prior code § 15-50)

 12.32.120 Alcoholic beverages.

A.  No person shall enter, be, or remain in any park while giving away or consuming any alcoholic beverage unless specifically permitted by the city in writing. Persons under the influence of an alcoholic beverage may not remain on city park property.

B.   A violation of this section is punishable as an infraction pursuant to Section 1.08.030 of this code or punishable as a misdemeanor pursuant to Section 1.08.020 of this code. (Ord. 1086-13 § 6; Ord. 953-05 § 3; prior code § 15-63

 12.32.130 Animals, fowl and reptiles.

    A.  No person shall bring into or maintain within any park any dog, cat, hoofed animal, reptile, fowl or any animal, except any of the foregoing animals, reptiles or fowl may be permitted in any park only for the purpose of being exhibited in classes or shows conducted under permit by the city; provided, however, dogs and cats may be brought into any park when kept on a leash; or in those areas as designated by the city as dog permitted areas, dogs may be allowed unleashed.

B.   No person shall permit any dog or other animal to enter, be in or remain in any park waters, or permit any horse to be in the vicinity of, or to enter, be in or remain in any park waters. (Ord. 1066-11 § 5; prior code § 15-66)

 12.32.150 Throwing missiles.

No person shall throw any rock, mud or sand or any other missile anywhere within a park. (Prior code § 15-64)

12.32.160 Weapons.

 A.  No person, except for authorized law enforcement agencies, shall bring any weapon, including guns, knives, slingshots, bean shooters, bullwhips, BB guns or any other missile or weapon capable of causing bodily injury into a park.

B.   It is unlawful for any person to shoot any arrow or similar missile in any park area except during and as a part of those programs conducted by the city. (Prior code § 15-57)

 12.32.170 Overnight camping.

No individual or group shall camp out overnight in any park, except organized youth groups may be authorized for overnight camp-outs with permission of the city. (Prior code § 15-49)

 12.32.180 Overnight parking.

No vehicle shall remain in any city parking lot(s) past the hour as set by resolution of the city council unless the operator of such vehicle is participating in a program being conducted at a city recreation facility, either under the auspices of or with authorization of the city. (Ord. 729-93 § 1; prior code § 15-53)

 12.32.190 Motor-driven vehicles.

It is unlawful for any person, with the exception of city, county, state or school personnel, to drive any motor-driven vehicle, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, go-carts or motor-driven bicycles onto any park area except those designated accessways and parking lots. (Prior code § 15-51

 12.32.200 Engine-driven models.

No person shall operate any engine-driven model plane, automobile or other model vehicle that is power-driven on any city park, except with the permission of the city. (Prior code § 15-52)

 12.32.210 Bicycles.

It is unlawful for any person to ride a bicycle in a park except in those areas designated as parking lots; provided, however, bicycles may be ridden during special event programs when authorized by the city. (Prior code § 15-54)

12.32.230 Tackle football.

It is unlawful for any person to play tackle football in any park, with the exception of those organized programs specifically authorized by the city. (Prior code § 15-55)

12.32.240 Hardball or softball.

It is unlawful for any person to play hardball or softball, or hit a hardball or softball, or cause a hardball or softball to be hit or batted in any area of any park except those areas specifically designated and posted as ball-playing areas. (Prior code § 15-56)

 12.32.250 Golf.

No person shall putt, pitch, chip or drive any golf ball or any practice ball in any park except during and as a part of those programs conducted by the city, and then only within those areas designated by the city. (Prior code § 15-62)


Please contact the Community Service Department to inquire about a permit for certain organized activities on parks to ensure activities are allowed. 

Open Park Space:  Non-athletic field space is available for general use and on a "first come, first serve basis." Please only take the space you need and be willing to share open space when park attendance in high. 

Facility Reservations:  Reservations for outdoor athletic fields are accepted based upon field availability. 

Facility Reservations: Reservations for indoor facilities are suspended until further notice.

Bounce houses and inflatable jumpers are prohibited at all Lawndale City Parks.

The Los Angels County Alondra Regional Park facility is a county facility and the City of Lawndale has no jurisdiction over the activities nor the use of the park.

For further information, call the Community Services Department at (310) 973-3288.

Wading Pool at Jane Addams Park

Hours of Operation:  (Pool is closed until further notice) 
Monday through Friday: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm 

 The pool is for children 2-6 years old.
Only swim diapers and swim attire allowed.

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