Great Neighborhoods Program

The Great Neighborhoods Program ("GNP"), was a program that provided grants and/or loans to low and moderate income homeowners of single–family detached dwellings; to preserve the community’s supply of affordable housing to low and moderate income persons; to provide decent safe and sanitary housing; to correct hazardous structural conditions; to make improvements considered necessary to eliminate blight and improve handicapped access; and, to correct building and health code violations through the awarding of grants and loans.

The program ended in 2012 when the State of California passed AB 1x26 which dissolved all Redevelopment Agencies ("RDA") within the state. A Successor Agency was established to wind down the operations of the RDA and continue local control over the former assets of the agency.

Any property owners that participated in the program that would like to: sell their home, refinance their property, or handle other matters relating to the program call (310) 973-3230.

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