Street Closure

Street Closure General Information

The City of Lawndale, Municipal Services Department requires a permit for the temporary closure of the public streets for special events such as block parties, runs, races, fairs, parades, and other events. The completed permit application, with the minimum $500 deposit, must be returned to the Municipal Services Department no later than 45 days before the requested date of the street closure. This permit is required under ordinance Number 845-98, adding chapter 10.40.10 - 10.40.100 to title 10 of the Municipal Code.

1. Application:

The permit application must list the applicant's and/or sponsoring organization's name, address, telephone number, exact locations of street or alleys requested to be closed, the date and hours the permit is requested, and the purpose or activity of the special event. A deposit of $500 is required to replace or repair damaged City property or equipment. (Application can be downloaded by clicking here. You will need Acrobat Reader to be able to read the form. Click here to download your own copy of Acrobat Reader, if you don't have it already installed in your computer.)

When required, barricades, traffic signs or vehicles necessary for the street closure may be obtained through the Public Works Department. All traffic control devices must be set up in accordance with the California Vehicle Code Section 41400. Additional fees or additional deposits may be required as the application is reviewed by the applicable City and County Departments.

2. Insurance:

The sponsoring organization or individual must provide a certificate of General Liability Insurance with the minimum coverage of $1,000,000 (1 million). The City of Lawndale, its officers, employees, elected officials, and members of boards and commissions must be named as additional insured. This must be stated in an addendum to the insurance certificate. The certificate must also state "will give the City of Lawndale 30 days advance written notice of any change in coverage or cancellation."

3. Petition Signatures:

The signatures of all residents and business owners/managers fronting the streets to be closed are necessary for the permit. The applicant is required to obtain from the City of Lawndale Community Development Department a "zoning map" (or equivalent) that identifies all impacted businesses and residences. This map shall be submitted with the petition (sample provided) to allow verification that all those impacted are ware of the closure. Eighty-percent of the signatures must be in favor of the closure. In addition to their signature on the petition, businesses must submit a confirmation letter acknowledging the event and establishing a contact person. For multi-unit apartments, condominiums, or townhouse buildings a signature from the owner or the manager will be sufficient. Falsified petition signatures and/or misrepresenting the size and scope of the event may be grounds for revocation of your security deposit. (Click here for a copy of Petition for Street Closure for Event Purposes form.You will need Acrobat Reader to be able to read the form. Click here to download your own copy of Acrobat Reader, if you don't have it already installed in your computer.)

4. Fees:

Per the Lawndale Municipal Code 10.40.050), there shall be a fee for the issuance of the street closure permit. The fee structure was established in Resolution No. CC-9805-35 and holds that the minimum fee of $150 shall be collected prior to the event. Fees are non-refundable and are collected in addition to the $500 deposit.

Other Information:

City Department
Applications will be reviewed by the Municipal Services Department, Public Works, Community Services Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff's and Fire Departments, and other departments, as appropriate. The closing of an intersection or street on the approach to an intersection will be reviewed to determine whether uniformed officers will be necessary to control access. The applicant, if necessary, will pay costs for uniformed officers.

Independent Contractors
Any independent contractor, such as a catering service, sanitation services, auxiliary power providers and vehicle rental services must also obtain a business license from the City.

Clean up/Repair
All litter generated during the course of the event must be removed at the end of each event day, and all property restored to its original condition. If not, the City of Lawndale may withhold some or all of the applicant's deposit.

Denial of Application
Authority for granting street closure permits rests with the Director of Municipal Services. A decision to deny a permit may be appealed to the City Manager. If the applicant is still not satisfied, he or she may appeal to the City Council. If the applicant chooses to appeal the decision, a statement addressed to the City Manager must be filed with the City Clerk no later than 10 days after the receipt of notice of denial. The Clerk's office will notify the applicant in writing by certified mail of the date, time, and location set for hearing of the appeal.
Separate permits and/or business licenses will be required to serve alcohol, film for production, or sell merchandise.

For additional information, contact: City of Municipal Service Department
14714 Burin Avenue, Lawndale, CA 90260
Telephone: (310) 973-3220

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