Cable Usage Corporation

The non-profit, public benefit corporation established pursuant to Section 7.1 of the Cable Television Franchise Agreement by and between the City of Lawndale and Spectrum Cable [formerly Time Warner Cable], which is intended to receive and allocate funds and other consideration to promote and develop local usage of the cable system, including programming development.

LCUC sponsored television based programming is financed primarily with general or other City funds or monies received by the Lawndale Cable Usage Corporation. This programming is planned, organized and scheduled by the City, but does not include televised City Council meetings, Planning Commission meetings; meetings of other bodies governed by the Ralph M. Brown Act, elections results coverage (but not including candidate forums to which any and all candidates are invited to participate), or other programming which is intended to televise the functioning of the various legislative bodies of the City of Lawndale, the Lawndale Redevelopment Agency, the Lawndale Housing Authority, or such other subordinate or inferior legislative bodies of the City of Lawndale. Such Lawndale CityTV Programming includes City produced or supported television programming such as sporting event coverage or highlights, community event coverage or highlights, City solicited programming, educational or informational programming.

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