Media Technology Advisory Committee

Vacant - No Members Appointed

Meeting Dates: Quarterly (TBD)
Time: TBD
Place: Lawndale City Council Chambers
Address: 14717 Burin Avenue, Lawndale CA 90260

Purpose of the Committee:

  • Reviewing and commenting on the current use of technology and service approaches.
  • Providing feedback on the City's future technology plans.
  • Assisting City staff in exploring the feasibility of new technology.
  • Serving as informed communicators to others in the community of current policies, activities,
    and plans of the City of Lawndale.
  • And implementing the Lawndale Community Television Policies and Guidelines and Lawndale
    Community Television Sponsorship Policy as set forth in City Council Policies 97-11 and 99-
    11, respectively, formerly the duties/responsibilities of the Cable Commission:
    1. Make recommendations regarding Lawndale community cable television programming;
    2. Develop and recommend a promotion plan to enhance channel usage and viewership;
    3. Review effectiveness of outreach efforts;
    4. Create maximum interest in local events, people, place and issues via community cable
    5. Provide Lawndale residents, businesses and organizations an opportunity to produce and
    participate in community television;
    6. Encourage the education of Lawndale students in community television programming and

Committee Facts

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